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Alarm Systems are systems designed to detect unauthorized entry like that of burglary, property damage, intruders as well as personal protection – into a building or area. Intruders need only a weak spot in security for striking. Security Alarms is to ensure that your system is user-friendly, simple, trouble free and effective at protecting your business, employees, visitors, information and assets.

 A single loop hole is all that is needed. So installing the right alarm system is of utmost importance.
Alarm Systems can be of many types according to the purpose of use. Some systems satisfying more than one purpose like that of combination systems provide fire and intrusion protection. Alarm systems can also be combined with the CCTV Surveillance systems, Access Control Systems and the Home Automation System for more security.  Most people interact with alarms on a daily basis and it is important to depend upon systems that are both reliable and well suited to specific needs. 
Before installing the alarm system the site should be assessed completely and the areas that are considered to be of risk for intrusion should then be built with alarm and security systems around them. 

Components of an Alarm System
Alarm systems are made up of several components which include –
·         Control panel – It is the central control unit of the system. It receives transmissions from sensors and communicates data to the central monitoring station. The battery is located inside the control panel, which backs up the system if your power is shut down.

·         Key fobs It is a device used to remotely arm and disarm the system. Keypads are units that can be installed throughout your home to provide easy-to-use access to your panel. By typing in your personal code and the correct buttons, you can arm and disarm your security system quickly.
·         Motion detectors – Detect movement in targeted areas. Motion detectors are devices inside the home which trigger an alarm when something moves into its path. 
·         Smoke detectors – Smoke detectors detect smoke in case of fire and in turn, dispatch the fire department to your home.
·         Glass break detectors - Also known as audio detectors, glass break detectors are normally installed in rooms with many fixed windows, if the window is broken, the shattering glass sound will set off the alarm.
·         Panic buttons – Used to request immediate help in case of an emergency.
·         Touch pads – Used for diagnostic operations, as well as to activate and deactivate alarms
·         Sirens – Used to create loud acoustic sounds to alert.
·         Video monitoring (CCTV cameras) – Used to create a video link with the monitoring team
·         Window and door sensors – Used to sense movements and break ins via windows and doors

Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems
Wireless Systems use individual sensors which are installed throughout the home and communicate wirelessly to the central control panel using radio frequency technology.
Hard wired Alarm Systems connect the sensors to the central control panel using a network of wires which are hidden within the wall and floors.

Wireless Systems and hard wired Systems both have their pros and cons. Wireless systems are easy to install. It may take hardly six to seven hours for their installation. Whereas hardwired systems may take two days for their installation. The maintenance costs of wireless systems are more compared to that of hardwired systems as a change of battery every 3 years is necessary for wireless system. Hard wired systems do not run on batteries so there is no battery replacement costs there. If you ever think of expanding your apartment or business area all you need to do is add extra sensors to expand your systems coverage area in case of Wireless Systems. But adding an additional sensor to the Wired System is a lot more difficult.
Wireless Systems are suitable for smaller and large scale houses or apartments and also for small or medium scale commercial projects. Hard Wired Systems are suitable for large scale commercial buildings, factories and offices.

Alarm system will lessen or definitely decrease our chances of intruders and thieves from getting into our houses which is why it is of utmost importance.
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